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Add your name to the working task list if you're working on something. The suggested and additional task list provide some suggestions for things you can do. Add your name to the Interested in contributing list if you want to help. Add your name to the Want work list if you want to be assigned a job by someone in charge.

Working task list:

  • Pubby - Write indices article
  • Pubby - Work on wiki and readme pages
  • StackedCrooked - Article about alternatives to inheritance (beginner level)
  • StackedCrooked - Mapping binary data to C++ types (e.g. parsing network data)

Suggested task list:

  • Write enable_if article, include every technique of using it
  • Write template alias article
  • Give passkey article some good, practical example use-cases
  • Come up with systematic book structure

Comments by StackedCrooked:

  • I think we should not write highly technical articles about advanced C++ features. Instead we should teach the reader how to use C++11 effectively. We should should present the user with a set of techniques and/or idioms that will empower him/her to do her work better.
  • We can draw some inspiration from the classic C++ books
    • Modern C++ Design
      • Chapter 2 is basically a bag of tricks which are each explained briefly. We can have a similar chapter for new C++11 features like template typedef.
    • C++ Templates (Vandevoorde)
      • It puts the most advanced stuff in the appendix. This makes it less intimidating :)
    • Effective C++
      • I think this is the most popular C++ book.
      • Many readers reported that the small chapters could be read during the daily commute to work.
  • We should reach some agreement on the tone of writing. Should be somewhere between /b/ and standardese.

Additional task list:

Interested in contributing list:

  • Pubby

Want work list:

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