Year 1: Pubby

I embarked on a fairly ordinary area - moderate in most areas, although close to a goblin tower. My party consisted of two miners, a woodcutter/carpenter, a mason, two farmers, and a brewer. I also brought two male dogs.
Sadly, I forgot to screen capture the embark site.


I decided to name my dorfs after famous computer people.


The land I embarked upon is heavily forested, with mountains in one corner and a river in the other. The trees greatly surprised me - the world map said there were no trees at all! I even brought some extra wood with me - oh well. Gold and platinum are scattered across the mountains in great quantities. I decide that an early goal of the fort is to smith gold and platinum items for trading.


I settled on the northern mountain as the location of the fortress. It's a bit close to the edge, but otherwise a good spot. The miner dwarves dig it out while the woodcutter chops. Not much else to do, and so the other dwarves idle patiently.


Farms were placed on the second level. The southern farm isn't fully constructed for now - it's waiting until needed. A few beds and barrels were made during the process.


The dwarves need a place to eat their new food, and so they begin work on a dining room located just above the first level. The room opens up onto the side of the mountain where refuse will be stored. North of the dining room will hold food stockpiles, along with workshops like a kitchen and still.


The refuse "balcony" seems insecure, and so a wall is constructed around it. Hopefully this will keep the goblins out!


Around this time summer migrants appeared. Most of them lacked talent, although two notable professions include a furnace operator and a dwarf with people skills suitable for a broker. Unfortunately I lost the screenshot of these newbies.

Also, the workshop rooms were completed, and the stockpiles increased to hold the new harvest.


Two things I've been seeing a lot of: gems and masterpiece chairs, tables and doors. Bjarne sure is talented!


More migrants came, this time even less useful than before! The most notable was a miller, which I obviously named Sutter.

Shortly after dwarven traders arrived, although unfortunately I didn't really need anything. Still, I traded some food barrels for a Guinea fowl, a mace, some metal bars, and some cloth. I gave the mace to my peasant and enlisted him in the military.


Urgently needing space for workshops, the dwarves continued to mine out levels. Also, the 5 staircases were lengthened into a conical shape.


It's late in the year but finally gold and platinum are being smelt! Sadly, there is nothing that can be done with the bars - they'll have to wait until a skilled migrant arrives.


I was setting up some traps when coincidentally a goblin appeared. He's now sitting in my stockpile. Also note that a dormitory was finally built with the beds that have existed for months - no more sleeping on floors! Additionally, Kobold thieves appeared, although my mace-dwarf quickly chased them away. Sadly, no kill.


Well, the year is finally over. Here's the stats so far:


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