Year 2: Robot

After a quick look across the fortress, I noticed the gem workshops were cluttered and the gem stockpile had no containers. How inefficient!


So I decided on my first task: unclutter the gem workshops, by making bins for the gem stockpile.


All throughout my period of oversight, many goblins and kobolds tried to sneak past my dwarfs to steal our children. Most of them simply ran away as soon as they were detected.

In the middle of Spring, a large wave of 29 migrants arrived. They brought in lots of animals, including a puppy and a kitten.


Arrangements had to be made to feed the now thrice larger population.


By the end of Spring, an elven caravan arrived. They brought very little of interest. About one month later, 10 more migrants showed up. A party of fishermen with a couple of bodyguards.

When a human caravan showed up some time after, I traded a bunch of gems for weapons and metallic things to be melted and later reforged. But that caravan brought in three sneaky human necromancers that fortunately were caught by the cage traps by the entrance.


Some time later came a third wave of migrants, this time with lots of decent soldiers that were promptly recruited. One of them, Huffman, managed to catch and kill a kobold thief before it got way.

In the middle of Autumn, the caravan from the dwarven homelands arrived once again. Immediately after they showed up from the east, a goblin thief was found to the south. The troops were promptly deployed to kill the bastard.

And meanwhile, a gang of four other goblins ambushed the caravan. A bloody battle ensued, and ended with the death of the merchants, the bodyguards, and their cattle. The wagons were also destroyed.


Huffman took part in the battle and suffered severe injuries.

An emergency hospital was quickly set up and Huffman carried back there, while the all the loot merchandise was carried back inside, for free ;)

Miraculously the liaison survived, and a trade agreement was decided upon.

Huffman was given the possible treatment and is now back in the militia.


And a new year starts. This will probably have even more goblin activity. The militia needs proper headquarters for training, and a proper hospital. Hopefully, all the 78 inhabitants of the fortress will survive one more year in this land.

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