Year 3: Duck

As I look around I see: the carpenter and bower are outside. The wood stockpile it outside. I've been told there's a barracks and medical center, but I can't find it. There's no siege weaponry of any sort, and our refuse pile is not arrow proof. There's not nearly enough food storage (or too much food, whichever.) We have no sheriff or hammerer noble. Our futnature stockpiles are full. We're also missing a leather workshop, loop, clothier's workshop, farmer's workshop, ashery, dyer's shop, and soap makier's shop, or tomb. We have beds enough for only 18 of the 77 dwarves to sleep, cloth and other supplies laying around the area, and I expect we're lacking in other areas I haven't found yet. On the less important side, we're very low on meat, and have no spare armor or clothing.

So, first up: more stockpiles for furnature and cloth, I'm going to make a well stocked barracks, fortify our defenses to be safer (and look cool), build workshops, and slow down food production. I'm also going to move the herd animals to the top of the (soon to be walled in) fortress, so that they can eat the grass there.

I see no rhyme or reason to our workshops, so I built the rest of the workshops and smelters nearby those, (including moving the carpenters and bowmaker's workshops.) I've also begun construction of many doors, and other useful furnature. I'm not sure why we have so many cabinets, but we're overstocked there.

I've expanded the dining area and added two areas which will soon have wells for happy thoughts. I've also put lots of high quality backs, levers, and cabinets in the bedroom area as well as smoothing the walls so people will enjoy that room more. In the basement I added an "everything" stockpile, and orders for most other stockpiles to take from it. That way if any stockpile gets overfull, we can tell at a glance, before everything becomes backed up. The dwarves are putting a fair amount of stuff there before moving it though, We'll have to move it farther from the crafting areas.

Alright, I got the first floor of the walls up, so outdoor things are safe. Also the upper stairwells to all the way to the surface, so the dwarves won't get sick outside. The barracks and weapons and armor and ammo are now one level above the refuse balcony, so that they'll have easy access to the battlements (once they're built). I also activated our military squad, so that they'll train until needed. We have plenty of dwarves to run the fortress, we need a trained military. One of thm immediately took a liking to his copper shield, and another to an iron long sword. I plan to construct and stock a full hospital right behind the barracks, again, for speedy access.

I seem to have forgotten that we had no hammerdwarf or sheriff, so those are both now the duities of the militia commander. As for his promotions, I need to build him an office, bedroom, and dining room, which I plan to do near the other offices.

One of the Rangers, Mardam-Bey, has been taken by a fey mood and claimed one of the five Mason's workshops. Luckily we had all the materials he decied, so he has begun a mysterious construction! Mardam-Bey has created Othilkomut, a diorite cabinet!

Some immagrants have arrived! Apperently I've done something right, because we gained 27 dwarves, boosting our population 22% from 79 to 106! Shortly thereafter, 'Kernighan' and 'Strousturp' have married and are holding a wedding reception in the dining room! (meta: I finally got around to renaming all 107 dwarves after people on

Now an elven caravan from Tosace Bilalo has arrived! They have lots of goodies for us!

It's occurred to me that for all of my walls and fortifications, the front entrance is still only ten long and full of cage traps. Obviously, this is completely inadequate. So I have begun construction of a siege engine area, that can alternate between a training and defense with a lever. They will shoot accross the fortress and out the front door, hopefully killing anyone attempting to gain entrance.

It is now summer! The prison is complete, with enough chains, bed, and alcohol for eight or so prisoners. I have also redone the farms to plant smaller numbers of a much bigger variety of items, so that we'll, well, have variety. And some migrants have arrived! And appear to have found a hole in our defenses. Fix'd! Also, I seem to have given birth to a girl.

I've just noticed that Alexandrescu is pacing back and forth next to the well in the hospital while dying of thirst. I'm not sure what's going on there.

I had the miners carefully dig the stairwell down 60 floors, carefully working around the three caverns discovered, so that the stairwell does not open to them. On the bottommost cavern, there is adamantine, but that cavern is walled off like the ohters. Until we're ready for it, that stuff is more dangerous than it's worth. (Barely)

In recent news: 'de Lcaza', a child, has been found dead, completely drained of blood! Also, Simonyi, a Farmer, has become possessed! Simonyi has claimed a Craftdwarf's workshop, and shortly crafted Usheshizeg, an alder toy boat!. (Authorities believe Simonyi's possession is unrelated to the child, but are not discrediting the possibility of a connection)

Due to the large number of idlers around the fortress, I've also doubled our military to 20 dwarves. The existing squad is melee, and the new squad crossbowmen. I also plan to increase bolt output significantly.

Perfect timing! The dead walk! Lets see if I can figure out how to handle this situation. Actually, now that I look at the status provided to me by our bookkeeper, there appears to be… eighty eight undead advancing on us? I may need to recruit many more… I've told all civilians to stay inside (and well away from the front gate, got the archers on the refuse balcony, and the melee in the trapped tunnel. Three dwarves die before making it inside.

Even more unfortunate, the undead have discoverd that I never quite fixed that hole found by the immegrants, and have slaughtered half the livestock and several more dwarves before I got the military there. Due to this mixup, 12 dwarves died, Knopf went stark raving mad, 4 dwarves threw tantrums, and one Marksdwarf went into a martial trance. Fortunately, the traps and siege are covering the front entrance. If we survive this, I may add more siege because they work nicely.

Unfortunately, even though I rerouted the melee and archers to hold the front entrance, the zombies are breaking through. I must recruit more dwarves temporarily! At the point of the breakthrough, there's only 42 undead left, but I have spotted four necromancers (and a goblin's left hand…) Needless to say, this is bad. I'm going to recruit everyone I think.

I think I found the vampire, it's the one dwarf left alive that the undead aren't attacking and who won't attack the undead. I consider this fortress abandoned, despite it's one living dwarf. This save is right as the season switched to Fall.

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