Lounge<C++> procrastination station

Welcome to the procrastination station, a place where we do even less than usual.
Since we're all nerds, we like to play games together. Here you'll find information on how you can join the fun.


We have a Mumble, fammit. It's run by @sehe and can be found at:


You can even check who's there: http://loungecpp.sehe.nl/mumble-server (hint: nobody or just Etienne; don't ask him what he's doing there by himself).

Steam group

We've also got a Steam group, which is supposed to be the main hub for organising gaming activity, but probably nobody
visits it. If you want to join, ping @RMartinhoFernandes or @CatPlusPlus with your Steam ID (your login, it's also in
steamcommunity.com URL of your profile — if you don't have a profile, make one).

The group is called Lounge<C++> (duh) and you can find it here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/lounge-cpp

StarCraft 2 Group

Yes, we play it. Log in to EU server (available since 2.0.5 patch for everyone!), and add Bajtek#751.

Super Hexagon thing

Add your scores: http://loungecpp.wikidot.com/hexagon


Because Minecraft is not on Steam and you're all terrible at following instructions, here's simple step-by-step guide on
how to connect to our wonderful server courtesy of @sehe.

We're currently running MindCrack mod pack, and that means you can't use vanilla client to connect — you'll only
get "you need FML installed" message and leave yourself sad and disappointed.

Step 1: Don't install FML

Seriously. I know you really want to. But it's only one mod out of 1000 or so.

Fortunately for us, there exists a thing called Feed the Beast Launcher,
which allows you to install this and other mod packs with one click. Go to http://feed-the-beast.com/#download_wrapper and
download the client. After you launch it, you'll be presented with a screen:


In "Select profile" combobox select "Create Profile" and input your Mojang/Minecraft account details — the launcher is independent of the
official one and will download Minecraft on its own (and in the right version, because it might not be the newest one).

You might want to go to Options > Advanced and choose a download region, because their autodetection sucks balls and you'll be delegated
to the slowest server possible. Also USE 64-BIT JAVA AND SET THE HEAP (RAM Maximum slider) TO MORE THAN 2GB. If you can't, you
might have a problem actually playing (try shortest rendering distance or something).

After than, select MindCrack Pack and press Launch.

Step 2: Whitelist

Ping one of the ops (@CatPlusPlus or @LucDanton) to get on the whitelist. If you're new, you might need to prove that you're ~true Lounger~ first.
If you're not on it, you won't be able to connect, so this step is kinda important.

Step 3: Play

When the game finally launches, go to Multiplayer, press "Add server" butan, and put the address in:


You'll spawn somewhere around our wonderful Hole In The Ground With Doors (TM). There are chests and stuff, ask in the room for further details.

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