Project information
Name: %%title%%
%%form_label{main_dev}%%: %%form_data{main_dev}%%
%%form_label{version}%%: %%form_data{version}%%
%%form_label{release_date}%%: [[date %%form_data{release_date}%% format="%Y-%m-%d|agohover"]]
%%form_label{website}%%: %%form_data{website}%%
(last updated: %%updated_at%%)



        label:      Short description
        hint:        One or two sentences describing the project.
        type:        text
        width:      80
        label:      Description
        hint:        Used as the main page content (wikitext).
        type:        wiki
        width:      80
        height:      20
        label:      Main developer
        type:        text
        label:      Latest version
        type:        text
        label:      Released at
        hint:        UNIX timestamp of the latest release.
        type:        text
        match:      /^\d+$/
        match-error: You must use a non-negative integer here. Use "0" for unreleased software.
        value:      There is an accepted feature request that deals with date fields, so the above might be more comfortable in the future. For now, this is the best it can get (because I think the "X days ago" hover is worth it).
        type:        static
        label:      Project website
        type:        url

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