Project information
Name: AHodgePodgeWinApiAndOpenCvProgram
Main developer: Alf P. Steinbach
E.g. it demonstrates how to do Unicode Windows filenames with OpenCV
Latest version:
Released at: 01 Jan 1970 00:00
Project website: https://bitbucket.org/alfps/ahodgepodgewinapiandopencvprogram
(last updated: 25 Feb 2012 14:05)

I regularly use small programs like this to investigate various issues, in order to design other things. The idea is to get detailed knowledge of the issues & their various solutions, before committing to some specific design. So the program does not even need to do really do anything :-)

For code like this I do not necessarily do the uninteresting things properly.

For example, there is a header here that emulates C++11 keywords via macros, defined conditionally. To do that properly and cleanly I would use virtual headers. So, some of this is good, and some of this is just quick and dirty scaffolding, and some of this may even be totally irrelevant, just present by accident.

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